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One of the best things about summer is spending hot summer days in a swimming pool.  Unfortunately, you have to tackle chlorine damage.

Parents can do a few simple things to avoid chlorine damage.

Chlorine Damage

Chlorine doesn’t just get on the hair; it gets into it and is attracted to children’s beautiful hair. Chlorine build-up can make hair tangled, brittle, sticky, shiny Hair and even make hair green!

Tips to Prevent Chlorine Damage:

Before swimming:

Soak your hair. Hair follicles are like sponges; they will soak up what they can.. If your hair is already wet from a quick shower, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine in the pool.

Always have children rinse hair after exiting the pool as well to rinse off any lingering pool chemicals.

Pre-treat with Conditioner: Pre-swim conditioner acts as a barrier to the pool water to protect the hair. We carry Circle of Friends Kylie’s Pre-Swim which has an exclusive blend of polymers and vitamins that help protect hair from turning green, breaking or becoming dry. Just wet hair, spray and evenly distribute.

After swimming:

Always have children rinse hair after exiting the pool as well to rinse off any lingering pool chemicals.

Shampoo with a swimmers shampoo: We carry Malibu Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Circle of Friends George’s swimmer’s shampoo.

Follow with a good conditioner, or even a leave-in conditioner to replenish the moisture back to the hair.

Circle of Friends Swim Product Line:

Chlorine Damage - Rainbow Kids Hairstyling Kids Salon & Barber ServicesKylie’s Pre-Swim Conditioner:

This pre-swim conditioner spray is perfect for using before a day spent in salt water or the pool. This leave-in formula helps support healthier looking hair.

George’s Swimmers Shampoo:

Our clarifying shampoo helps to remove chlorine and product build-up to reduce the potential for discoloration. Coconut-derived surfactants clean while maintaining softness. Hair is left healthier looking and vibrant.

Emma’s After Swim Leave in Conditioner:

Perfect for after swimming, our conditioner helps moisturize and detangle hair. The added antioxidants and vitamins are perfect for use after a day spent in sun, salt water or the pool. Jojoba and Olive Oil help to replenish hair with moisture.

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