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Static Electricity is a common winter problem, especially for children’s delicate hair.  The best way to deal with the flyaways is to make sure hair has enough moisture in it.

Static electricity

There are two main reasons for Static Electricity in our hair. The first one is the dry air, artificial heat and wool hats that come with the winter season make our hair and scalp dry out. The second reason is an overdose of products in your hair. How can we keep our hair static-free this winter?

Some tips on how to keep your hair tamed to avoid dry hair and static electricity:

Do not use 2-in-1’s that contain both shampoo and conditioner. Switch to an ultra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner Circle of Friends or Fairy Tales

Try using a leave-in conditioner such as Fairy Tales Static Free Leave- In Detangling Spray.  Spray it on wet hair and let it dry.  The detangler spray will also help with combing out tangles.

Static Electricity - Rainbow Kids Hairstyling Kids Salon & Barber ServicesUse detanglers everywhere! Spray on wet or dry hair, in hats, jacket hoods, car seats, etc.  We carry a wide variety of detanglers, such as Original Sprout Miracle Detangler, Paul Mitchell Taming Spray, and Circle of Friends.

Rinse your child’s hair with lukewarm water, never with hot water. Using too hot water on your hair will cause it to dry out. Blast it with some cold water at the end to hold extra shine in your hair.

Run a dryer sheet gently on your child’s hair. Before you leave the house, put a few sheets in your bag if your child’s hair decides to act up later on! Don’t coat the hair TOO much, though, just run it gently on the top of your baby’s hair.

Use wooden or natural bristle brushes and combs on your hair. Synthetic brushes hold more of a static charge.

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